Are you interested in having the Xera story in physical format? Let me know.
I'm exploring multiple options :
1. glued books containing 80-120 pages.
2. traditional saddle stiched comic books (max 64 pages).
3. the entire story in as few books as possible (2-3 books of 300-500 pages).

The first two options will produce more volumes and can be released alongside the online comic. As the full size of the story in comic format isn't known yet (could be anywhere between 800 and 1200 pages), the number of such volumes is unknown. The 3rd option requires the entire story to be completed, but this feels like the best option to me (and is the most affordable).
At this time, one volume of both the first and second options are available (see below), but I have no plans to produce more volumes unless there's some actual interest in this (as it takes a fair bit of money and work to set this up).

Comic books and eBooks.

Currently available :

Xyth Era I : Jeorth - Volume I (glued)
The first 21 chapters of the story. 80 comic pages, 8 full-page images and map. Full-colour.
Available in paperback ($20.00 from or ebook ($2.50 from

Xera I Jeorth #1 (saddle stitched)
The first 12 chapters of the story. 59 comic pages, 5 full-page images and map. Full-colour.
Available in paperback ($7.50 from or as digital download for $0.99.

Important - about eBooks :
Please download this preview to ensure the Xera eBooks (epub format) are compatible with your device or reader.
Alternatively, upon showing proof of purchase of the eBook from the stores above, I'll provide free .pdf or .cbr versions of your purchase.

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