Species : Xyloxi (blue). Occupation : Scout.

Xyloxi are a species of crystalline, intelligent creatures. They can travel through space without the need of any technology outside their body. Xyloxi all look like large, faceted gemstones that have grown varying numbers (but always six or more) of long, twisted spires. Age and experience to a degree determine how many spires and how large a Xyloxi is. The primary purpose of the spires is to house senses and propulsion. Additional spires beyond the first six often have specialist roles or serve solely as weapons.
Not much is known of the origin of individual Xyloxi and the species as a whole. Xyloxi do grow over time, though they are in full control over that process. Xyloxi that wish to grow additional spires, or upgrade existing ones will often retreat to nebulae or gas giants to distil useful matter from their environment which gets added to themselves. This same process also technically allows Xyloxi to change shape, but this is an extremely rare occurrence.

Appearances :

Era I, chapter 7 : Xeryan detects a Mithri specimen near a planet.
Era I, chapter 23 : Xeryan returns to where they spotted the Mithri, bringing Oxyllia and Chyriax along.
Era I, chapter 24 : Xeryan and Oxyllia search the sector for signs of the Mithri. Chyriax prepares to land on the planet.
Era I, chapter 31 : After landing on the planet, Xeryan and Oxyllia accompany Chyriax to Dubrholm where they destroy a Mithri creature.
Era I, chapter 33 : Xeryan and Oxyllia return to space as they believe most of the Mithri on the planet have been destroyed.

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