The Xyth story.
The origins of the story go back some 25 years. Earlier still, I was already creating stories that were a mix of fantasy and science-fiction (imagine knights using spaceships or cosmic dragons to travel between planets and slay demons), but it wasn't until somewhere around 2001 that I settled on the name of Xyth for the fictional galaxy where my stories took place.
Over the years I've tried to tell the story through various media. A short trailer for a 3D animation exists, about a third of the script for the comic has been available for a brief time in the form of an e-book, and there have been several games and plenty of music that were in one way or another based on Xyth, or connected to it on some level.

To me, writing felt like the most enjoyable and rewarding way to tell the story, but I still wanted a graphical element. Thus came the idea of making something that sits somewhere between a novel and a comic. After many months of testing out set-ups and figuring out the ideal mix of text versus imagery, I'm ready to share what I've created.
The story is split up in Eras, the first of which takes place on and around a planet called Jeorth by its inhabitants. Members of several different alien species are drawn to this seemingly ordinary planet with a low level of technological advancement (similar to earth's middle ages). What makes this world so important to them and how will their doings affect the inhabitants?

01 Jan 2019 - Era I first page online.
01 Mar 2019 - Era I mobile version with alternate layout launches.
21 Jun 2019 - Era I page 50 online.
07 Nov 2019 - Era I page 100 online.
07 Feb 2020 - Era I mobile episode 50 online.
17 May 2020 - Era I chapter 50 online.
23 Okt 2020 - Era I page 250 online.
15 Jan 2021 - Era I mobile episode 100 online.
23 Aug 2021 - Era I chapter 100 online.
30 May 2022 - Era I page 500 online.
20 Okt 2022 - Era I script complete (798 pages over 191 chapters).
26 Jan 2023 - Era I Volume I is now available in digital format.
27 Feb 2023 - Era II script final editing has started.
27 Okt 2023 - Era I mobile episode 250 online.
03 Jan 2024 - Era I page 750 online.

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