Wold Dorr

Wold Dorr is the southern most province of Akurheim, bordering Gaedswolde in the south and touching the coast in the west. Before Akurheim, Wold Dorr was a kingdom with the same name, and with Woldborg as capital city, which remains the capital of the province.
Next to Woldborg, Mirfelt and Wolddalr are the province's largest cities. Wolddalr is located on the border between Wold Dorr and Gaedswolde, and is known for its black market. Outside of these three cities, Wold Dorr is made up out of many hamlets, mostly situated alongside the borders of the province.

Appearances :

Era I, chapter 95 : Eric ends up in Wolddalr where he rents a room at Auffrey's inn, and begins to work for Gosse.
Era I, chapter 100 : Eric spends another winter in Wolddalr. A group of mysterious warriors marches through town.
Era I, chapter 101 : Leaving Wolddalr, Eric finds an orphaned boy in a destroyed village. He names the boy Grey.
Era I, chapter 102 : Eric and Grey arrive in Sandveyk, where they start a new life.
Era I, chapter 109 : Gunnar and Oakan visit Eric and Grey in Sandveyk.
Era I, chapter 110 : Gunnar and Oakan visit Sandveyk again, but are told it's safer for all if they no longer visit.
Era I, chapter 115 : A strange Ca'anian customer has a request for Eric.
Era I, chapter 119 : In Eric's smithy, work continues on a set of berserker armour.
Era I, chapter 121 : Gethin attacks Sandveyk. The small number of town guard do their best protecting the villagers.
Era I, chapter 124 : Grey returns to Sandveyk to recover his father's belongings.
Era I, chapter 125 : Vardissa and Tarik visit Sandveyk and the site where Gethin's band had set up camp.
Era I, chapter 132 : Grey and Gunnar visit Wolddalr to hire a caravan which will provide Aegis with goods.
Era I, chapter 166 : Grey returns home, but stops briefly in Sandveyk.
Era I, chapter 169 : Sandveyk has been rebuilt, and has turned into a much larger village.

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