Species : Human. Occupation : Abbot.
Date of birth : 38 BA. Date of death : 27 YA, Fellborg.

Despite his young age, Tybalt is the abbot of the Fellborg abbey of the faith of the one true god. In this role, he is also advisor to the king on matters of spirituality.

Appearances :

Era I, chapter 45 : Tybalt sees the Most Holy in an unexpected visitor, the ascendant of his faith's god.
Era I, chapter 48 : Tybalt learns the agreement at the base of Akurheim has been altered under pressure of Karven, king Akur's uncle.
Era I, chapter 60 : Micas warns Tybalt about Agrim's theft of the armours, but Tybalt can't do much without proper proof.
Era I, chapter 63 : Tybalt checks with Micas to see what Agrim, who had entered the abbey without the abbot's knowing, wanted.
Era I, chapter 64 : Tybalt becomes unwell during a church council in the abbey. He dies not much later, officially due to a heart attack.
Era I, chapter 65 : A letter Tybalt had arranged to be sent in case of his passing arrives in the archive, addressed to Micas.

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