Species : Ca'anian. Occupation : guard captain.
Location of birth : Stjerneholm.

Torkild was guard captain of one of the small villages making up Stjerneholm in the Highlands.

Appearances :

Era I, chapter 91 : Alongside Gunnar, Torkild leads his town guards into battle against a large demon threatening their homes.
Era I, chapter 104 : Torkild is taking part in the construction of a camp when Chyriax visits.
Era I, chapter 108 : Borge and Torkild join Gunnar on a mission to scare off some brigands.
Era I, chapter 124 : Torkild assures Grey his attack on the brigands was not a crime.
Era I, chapter 126 : Torkild is impressed by Grey's skill with the two-handed sword.
Era I, chapter 128 : Torkild challenges Grey to a bout of arm-wrestling.
Era I, chapter 131 : The entire Aegis squad takes part in the battle against the Mithri. Several assist in finding Grey and Kara.
Era I, chapter 132 : Torkild and Kjartan witness the duel between Magnar and Grey. Magnar lets Grey win.
Era I, chapter 133 : Torkild assists Oakan in taking down the golems.
Era I, chapter 134 : Torkild and Haukur prepared to fight a draurgur.
Era I, chapter 137 : Having returned from a sortie in muddy circumstances, Alpha core members wait in line for the bathrooms.
Era I, chapter 138 : Torkild considers ways to free Borge.
Era I, chapter 139 : Torkild is out in the woods, waiting for Grey's return.
Era I, chapter 149 : Torkild is part of a meeting where he learns the Gaedswolde devourer is awake.
Era I, chapter 152 : Torkild is part of the final meeting before they leave on their mission.
Era I, chapter 153 : Torkild is part of the group of warriors fighting the devourer.
Era I, chapter 163 : Torkild is part of Gunnar's meeting where they discuss a new threat for Aegis.
Era I, chapter 174 : Torkild started travelling after most of Aegis' regular folk returned to Akurheim.
Era I, chapter 184 : Firiyya reveals Torkild had once been a guest at her inn, decades ago.

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