Tarik Fellhorn

Species : Human. Occupation : marshal (since 85 YA), duke of Galdveldt (since 90 YA).
Date of birth : 48 YA, Galdveldt.

Son of Gjorvald. Tarik studied in Fellborg, then worked at the Galdveldt mansion where his father's office was. Tarik became duke of Galdveldt when his father died.

Appearances :

Era I, chapter 74 : Tarik's grandfather calls him to tell him the throne of Akurheim belongs to him.
Era I, chapter 77 : Tarik has found his way into the abbey's archive alone, and searches for Karven's armour.
Era I, chapter 83 : Tarik returns to the abbey, after making sure no one will disturb him, and finds something.
Era I, chapter 92 : As Gethin reports on the mission in the Highlands, Tarik realises it might have done more harm than good.
Era I, chapter 96 : With the death of his father, Tarik becomes duke of Galdveldt.
Era I, chapter 97 : Tarik interviews Vardissa, and sees in her a good candidate to help further his political goals.
Era I, chapter 98 : Tarik shows Vardissa his office, and explains some of the work she's expected to do for him.
Era I, chapter 106 : Tarik returns to the abbey where he learns about Micas' pendant, which he steals.
Era I, chapter 107 : Tarik shares some of his finds with Unnhild and Vardissa, but keeps the notebooks secret.
Era I, chapter 112 : Unnhild's report causes Tarik to speed up his plans, sending his sister east and out of the way.
Era I, chapter 113 : Tarik brings several of the mansion personnel with him to an ancient guard tower in Gaedswolde.
Era I, chapter 114 : Tarik invites Hiovenalis to the tower, who oversees some of the experiments.
Era I, chapter 116 : Tarik must deal with Hiovenalis' impatience, reminding the magician who is in charge.
Era I, chapter 118 : Tarik keeps coming back to the guard tower to continue the work there.
Era I, chapter 120 : Tarik decides to task Gethin with searching for the remaining notebooks.
Era I, chapter 125 : Tarik suspects the Ca'anian from the Highlands, including Loughlin took revenge on Gethin.
Era I, chapter 136 : Tarik must come up with a new plan after the failed abduction attempt.
Era I, chapter 139 : Believing Vardissa's words, Tarik tries to control one of the demons, but is killed by it.

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