Species : Human. Occupation : Guard captain.

Svete is captain of the guard of Harvilg Meadows and surrounding areas.

Appearances :

Era I, chapter 145 : Captain Svete knows what happened to some old warmachines thought lost.
Era I, chapter 151 : Svete decides to be part of the mission in Caelkirch.
Era I, chapter 154 : Svete suggest they try to find Loughlin and ask for his help.
Era I, chapter 158 : Svete hopes to find something in the Harvilg archive that can help them.
Era I, chapter 161 : Svete picks up news from Gaedswolde.
Era I, chapter 165 : In the camp between Eldvithr and Caelkirch, Svete is ready to help Dragomir and his troops.

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