Species : Lioxae. Role : Savant.
Date of birth : unknown.

Lioxae are a highly advanced race of researchers. Individual Lioxae are melds of multiple minds. They don't have a body in any traditional sense, but are instead tethered to their spaceship.
Very little is known about the Lioxae home world, since all information about it gets purged from the memories of Lioxae the moment they undergo the 'ascension' process, which turns a number of original Lioxae into a single biomechanical being. From that point onwards, a Lioxae explores space with the aim to one day understand reality completely. All their knowledge is combined and stored in an archive they call the Overmind. Based on the amount of data an individual adds to the Overmind, Lioxae may rise in rank. The highest rank is the one of Prime.
As savant, Suhekazu is one step below the rank of Prime.

Appearances :

Era I, chapter 1 : Suhekazu discovers a Mithri specimen exhibiting unusal behaviour, and decides to study the creature.
Era I, chapter 3 : Suhekazu detects a signal appearing to be Xyloxi, originating from the planet that should not have the technology to do so.
Era I, chapter 5 : Suhekazu's drones discover an object possibly of Ca'anian origin entering the system and then landing on the planet.
Era I, chapter 7 : A Xyloxi enters the system and briefly studies the Mithri before leaving again. Suhekazu suspects it will return with reinforcements.
Era I, chapter 9 : The Mithri appears to try get closer to the planet, but in a methodical manner Suhekazu hasn't witnessed in the species yet.
Era I, chapter 11 : The Mithri keeps surprising Suhekazu as it grows large tentacles that reach into the planet's atmosphere.
Era I, chapter 13 : Suhekazu witnesses the Mithri attempting to land on the planet. It goes through radical shape changes in the process.
Era I, chapter 15 : Suhekazu is sure the Mithri survived the landing. To learn what it wants on the planet, he will have to build additional drones.
Era I, chapter 21 : Through his drones, Suhekazu catches a glimpse of the events at Dubrholm. He wonders whether the Xyloxi were involved.
Era I, chapter 23 : As he had suspected, the blue Xyloxi has returned. It brought 2 others, one Suhekazu recognises as the powerful Chyriax.
Era I, chapter 30 : Suhekazu considers his options as he witnesses how Chyriax not only attacks the Mithri but gets helped by the locals.
Era I, chapter 36 : Through his drones, Suhekazu sees some of the Mithri create smaller forms, imitating life on the planet.
Era I, chapter 39 : Suhekazu sends a new drone to the planet, which will build and outpost to maintain and upgrade his other drones.
Era I, chapter 41 : Suhekazu realises his research might suffer should the locals succeed in destroying the Mithri sooner rather than later.
Era I, chapter 43 : Suhekazu prepares a disguise and investigates places he could infiltrate on the planet.
Era I, chapter 45 : As he enters the Fellborg abbey, Suhekazu is mistaken for the faith's god his ascendant.
Era I, chapter 47 : From Micas, Suhekazu learns about the plans of king Akur. Suhekazu also reveals his true self.
Era I, chapter 48 : Suhekazu provided Micas with a screen allowing the archiver to see what happens elsewhere.
Era I, chapter 51 : As Micas worries about how the annexation progresses, Suhekazu considers helping out to benefit the abbey, but also himself.
Era I, chapter 52 : Suhekazu provides some details about his plan to influence the annexation and asks Micas to plan a small role.
Era I, chapter 53 : Suhekazu watches the battle against the Mithri in the Harvilg Meadows from within the abbey.
Era I, chapter 54 : Suhekazu sees the armour Lyubomir wears, which was created in part by Chyriax.
Era I, chapter 55 : With the armour nearby in the abbey, Suhekazu has access to Xyloxi material for study.
Era I, chapter 57 : Suhekazu sees Micas as a kind of savant in his role as archiver, and he builds some tools to assist the monk.
Era I, chapter 59 : As Suhekazu considers how to handle the accidental attack on Chyriax, Micas offers advice.
Era I, chapter 60 : Suhekazu helps Micas figure out who attacked the royal knight and stole his armour.
Era I, chapter 63 : Suhekazu saw Agrim search the archive and is convinced the man doesn't know about the secret alcoves.
Era I, chapter 64 : Suhekazu helps Micas in trying to figure out what is happening with Tybalt and within the abbey.
Era I, chapter 68 : Suhekazu has made a discovery about the Mithri activity and discusses it with Micas.
Era I, chapter 69 : Trying to witness the so-called demon gates appear, Suhekazu discovers the Mithri are underground.
Era I, chapter 70 : Using drones, Suhekazu discovers both Mithri and Xyloxi signs underneath Gaedswolde.
Era I, chapter 71 : Suhekazu continues his experiments and finds ways to influence the Mithri, and even control them.
Era I, chapter 83 : Suhekazu sees Tarik search the archive and discover the other secret alcove.
Era I, chapter 91 : Suhekazu discovers people about to attack a large Mithri specimen in the Highlands.
Era I, chapter 99 : Suhekazu's studies have evolved such there's no longer a need for him to stay on the planet.
Era I, chapter 106 : A warning system tells Suhekazu Micas' stopped wearing the pendant, but Suhekazu can't save him.
Era I, chapter 133 : The golems still defend Suhekazu's outposts in Gaedswolde.
Era I, chapter 160 : Suhekazu's hiding place is compromised, but Chyriax does not intend to attack.
Era I, chapter 167 : Suhekazu deletes all his memories on Jeorth, in return for information on the Mithri.

Misc :

The album 'The Eternal Traveller' by Gruulvoqh (atmospheric cosmic black metal) tells the story of a Lioxae going through the ascension process.

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