Species : Ca'anian. Occupation : townguard, trainer.

At a young age already, Oakan showed natural mastery of swordfighting. Under captain Gunnar, his close friend, he trained his fellow guards in Stjerneholm. In Aegis, Oakan resumed his role as instructor, while assisting in leading the warriors or setting up battle plans.
Oakan and Myrri are soulmates.
Location of birth : Stjerneholm.

Appearances :

Era I, chapter 91 : Alongside Gunnar and Torkild, Oakan fights the demon threatening their homes.
Era I, chapter 104 : Oakan and the rest of the Ca'anian crew begin work on a camp in Gaedswolde.
Era I, chapter 108 : Oakan joined Gunnar to chase away some brigands getting too close to Aegis.
Era I, chapter 109 : Oakan visits Sandveyk with Gunnar, where he's a most welcome guest.
Era I, chapter 110 : Oakan distracts Grey while Gunnar and Eric talk about gem-powered weapons.
Era I, chapter 122 : Oakan recognises Grey, but remains careful and tries to find out more.
Era I, chapter 123 : Oakan gives Grey a tour of the camp, and tries to make him feel at home.
Era I, chapter 124 : Through various pranks, Oakan tries to lift Grey's spirits.
Era I, chapter 126 : Oakan and Grey spend some time on the training grounds in Aegis.
Era I, chapter 127 : After the mission, Oakan answers Grey's questions about the demons.
Era I, chapter 128 : Oakan introduces Grey to the mirkva drink, then sets up an arm-wrestling tournament.
Era I, chapter 129 : Oakan reminds Grey he'd like to have his own personal bathtub.
Era I, chapter 130 : Oakan oversees Grey's training.
Era I, chapter 131 : Oakan returns to Aegis to start the search for Grey and Kara.
Era I, chapter 132 : While Grey was in Wolddalr, Oakan found him another opponent for an arm-wrestling match.
Era I, chapter 133 : Oakan and Torkild deal with the two golems approaching the encampment.
Era I, chapter 134 : Oakan tells Grey about their tactics when facing a draurgur in battle.
Era I, chapter 135 : Oakan suspects the intruders had plans to abduct someone from Aegis.
Era I, chapter 137 : Oakan sees in mud and bad weather another reason for Aegis to have more bath tubs.
Era I, chapter 138 : Oakan temporarily takes over command of the squad from Kara.
Era I, chapter 139 : Oakan waits in the woods with a small team, in case Grey needs help.
Era I, chapter 140 : Oakan makes sure Grey gets back home quickly.
Era I, chapter 142 : Oakan is convinced Grey will soon be well enough again to join training.
Era I, chapter 146 : Oakan sees an opportunity for jokes, but Myrri doesn't let him.
Era I, chapter 147 : Oakan tells Grey about the soulmate concept, which originated in the Highlands.
Era I, chapter 148 : Oakan figures he knows why the demons are unexpectedly appearing in smaller and smaller numbers.
Era I, chapter 149 : Oakan had a bet on Grey and Kara, but is glad to lose it.
Era I, chapter 152 : Oakan is part of the final meeting before they leave on their mission.
Era I, chapter 153 : Oakan is part of the group of warriors fighting the devourer.
Era I, chapter 155 : Oakan, like most other warriors from Aegis, takes on a support role for Grey.
Era I, chapter 163 : Oakan is part of Gunnar's meeting where they discuss a new threat for Aegis.

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