Species : Human. Occupation : Brother archiver.
Date of birth : 45 BA. Date of death : 95 YA, Fellborg.

Micas sought out the abbey because of its archive. His interests lie in history and not so much the faith. As such he's not the ideal example of a pious monk, but he has a good relationship with the abbot, Tybalt.

Appearances :

Era I, chapter 45 : Tybalt introduces a peculiar figure, but Micas is not convinced the visitor is truly the Most Holy.
Era I, chapter 47 : Micas learns what Suhekazu truly is, a traveller from somewhere between the stars.
Era I, chapter 48 : Through a device Suhekazu made, Micas can see what happens elsewhere in the city.
Era I, chapter 51 : Micas monitors the doings of Karven who leads one of the annexation missions.
Era I, chapter 52 : Micas is convinced by Suhekazu to send one his brothers east to test a weapon against the demons.
Era I, chapter 53 : Thanks to Suhekazu's screen, Micas can see the battle against the Mithri in the Harvilg Meadows.
Era I, chapter 54 : Micas continues spying on Karven and sees how the man kills Lyubomir in Caelkirch.
Era I, chapter 55 : Micas is critical of Suhekazu's idea on how the dragon's weapons should be handled.
Era I, chapter 57 : From Suhekazu, Micas receives a tool to store texts and a pendant that should slow down aging.
Era I, chapter 59 : Suhekazu explains how one of his outposts attacked Chyriax, so Micas offers advice.
Era I, chapter 60 : Micas observes one of the royal knights getting attacked and his armour stolen.
Era I, chapter 63 : Micas finds Agrim in the archive, who claims the abbey has something belonging to his father.
Era I, chapter 64 : Micas tries to find out what happened to Tybalt, but the abbot dies and Micas suspects foul play.
Era I, chapter 65 : Micas receives a coded letter. He recognises the handwriting as Tybalt's.
Era I, chapter 67 : After meeting Agrim's son, Micas plans to try influence the man's studies.
Era I, chapter 68 : Micas reminisces about a recent birthday party, when Suhekazu ask his opinion on a recent discovery.
Era I, chapter 69 : Micas learns from Suhekazu the Mithri are hiding partially undeground.
Era I, chapter 76 : Micas has made sure Ewan will assist him in installing more gem-powered armours in the castle.
Era I, chapter 77 : Micas discovers Tarik in the archive and realises the man can probably enter at will.
Era I, chapter 79 : Micas suggests Hadrian and Flavius look for another place to work, away from politics and Fellhorn folk.
Era I, chapter 83 : After an unexpected nap, Micas discovers Tarik has taken the mechanisms of Lyubomir's armour.
Era I, chapter 85 : Micas learns of the death of the king and crownprince, and wonders who might all be involved.
Era I, chapter 90 : Using one of Suhekazu's drones, Micas witnesses a training of the light-bearers.
Era I, chapter 91 : Micas implores Suhekazu to interfere to avoid a drama in the Highlands.
Era I, chapter 99 : While Micas sleeps, Suhekazu realises his medallion is reaching the limits of what it can do for the archiver.
Era I, chapter 102 : In Sandveyk, pastor Malik wonders about Micas, of whom he has received documents for safekeeping.
Era I, chapter 106 : Micas' pendant is stolen, and with the lack of its powers, he dies.
Era I, chapter 173 : The missing notebooks are safe in Wold's Haven's library.

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