Species : Wolf. Occupation : scout.
Date of birth : unknown.

Lynn'Fey is one of Xamyryn's oldest scouts, and one of the first sentient beings on Jeorth he made contact with. Xamyryn changed Lynn'Fey to increase her intellect and improve the sense that allows her to communicate telepathically.

Appearances :

Era I, chapter 82 : Lynn'Fey guides Gudmund and Eirin towards Xamyryn's haven.
Era I, chapter 168 : Just like Gudmund and Eirin, Lynn'Fey was asked to travel south to find something for Xamyryn.
Era I, chapter 171 : Lynn'Fey decides to join Vardissa on her trip south.
Era I, chapter 172 : Near the Haven, Lynn'Fey hears draurgur and urges Vardissa to travel faster.

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