Karven Fellhorn

Species : Human. Occupation : marshal (between 30 BA and 30 YA), duke of Galdveldt (between 30 BA and 33 YA).
Date of birth : 55 BA, Fellborg. Date of death : 33 YA, Galdveldt.

Twin brother of Runolfur, who was king of Fellborg. Uncle of king Akur. Karven was instrumental in leading Fellborg troops to victory against the Galdt family, rulers of Galdveldt. The kingdom of Galdveldt was added to Fellborg, becoming a province, and Karven installed as duke. After the founding of Akurheim, he remained duke of the province of Galdveldt. He was also marshal of the royal armies of Akurheim.
Karven has a son named Agrim.

Appearances :

Era I, chapter 51 : Karven is one of the people leading annexation parties after the founding of Akurheim.
Era I, chapter 53 : Karven interrupts his mission to assist in the battle against a large demon in the Harvilg Meadows.
Era I, chapter 54 : In Caelkirch, where he is as part of the annexation process, Karven kills Lyubomir to steal his armour.

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