Species : Ca'anian. Occupation : commander.
Date of birth : 89 YA (estimated), location unknown.

Kara was taken from her home by slave traders. She manages to escape and flees into Gaedswolde where she finds Gunnar and his crew, who take her to Aegis.
It's not know where Kara's home was, but some within Aegis think she may have been born on the continent lying on the other side of the Graetar Sar.
At a fairly young age, Kara was introduced to the missions required to keep Aegis safe. She became commander of the Core squad, replacing Gunnar.

Appearances :

Era I, chapter 108 : Fleeing from slave traders, Kara runs into several Ca'anian in the forest, who take her to their home.
Era I, chapter 109 : Kara walks into Gunnar's meeting room, and unexpectedly sees a human visitor there.
Era I, chapter 123 : Kara learns a human has been assigned to her squad.
Era I, chapter 124 : Kara joins her father to Sandveyk, where she gets a better idea of what Grey has been through.
Era I, chapter 126 : Kara isn't too sure it's a good idea to tell any human of Aegis' missions into Gaedswolde.
Era I, chapter 127 : Kara tells Grey she's been part of fights against demons since a young age.
Era I, chapter 128 : Kara becomes the Core's new arm-wrestling champion.
Era I, chapter 129 : On the way back from a mission, Kara explains how the planning of such fights happens.
Era I, chapter 130 : Kara has night guard duty, and welcomes Grey's company.
Era I, chapter 131 : Kara's horse runs off, and she gets separated from the rest of the squad.
Era I, chapter 132 : Not wanting to admit it at first, Kara misses Grey during the few days he's in Wolddalr.
Era I, chapter 133 : Kara tells Grey Chyriax is an old friend of Aegis.
Era I, chapter 134 : Kara's single arrow is enough to stop the advance of a draurgur.
Era I, chapter 135 : During the night, Kara faces three intruders.
Era I, chapter 137 : The coming of winter reminds Kara she's different from the other Ca'anian.
Era I, chapter 138 : Kara defends her home, and must reluctantly agree Grey is best placed to attempt to free Borge.
Era I, chapter 139 : Kara waits in the forest, hoping for good news regarding Grey's mission.
Era I, chapter 140 : Kara's healing skill reduces the effect of the poison on Grey.
Era I, chapter 142 : Kara helps Grey with her skill and tries to lift his spirits.
Era I, chapter 144 : Kara figures Grey shouldn't spend too much time alone.
Era I, chapter 146 : Kara makes clear she doesn't mind spending more time with Grey.
Era I, chapter 147 : Kara's skill, amplified by Chyriax' gem, seems to heal Grey.
Era I, chapter 148 : While it's clear Grey's improving, Kara wants him to start out slowly when joining sorties.
Era I, chapter 149 : Kara tells Grey soulmates are forever.
Era I, chapter 150 : Kara doesn't look forward to being without Grey or her dad for two days.
Era I, chapter 152 : Kara convinces Gunnar Grey and herself should be part of the mission.
Era I, chapter 153 : Kara figures the devourer follows Grey because he's been stung by draurgur.
Era I, chapter 155 : Kara is instrumental in taking out the draurgur the devourer spawned.
Era I, chapter 156 : Xamyryn talks of changes in Kara which he doesn't consider natural.
Era I, chapter 157 : Kara figures Grey could help lifting heavy objects for her.
Era I, chapter 159 : Kara must say goodbye to her long-time friend, Chyriax.
Era I, chapter 163 : Kara encourages Grey to remain calm, despite the messenger's claims.
Era I, chapter 164 : Kara wants to join Grey in the fight against the Eldvithr devourer, but Ca'anian can't go there.
Era I, chapter 165 : Grey reveals Kara is skilled at drawing detailed maps.
Era I, chapter 166 : Learning Grey is on the way back, Kara races ahead to meet him.
Era I, chapter 169 : Kara misses Aegis, and above all, Gunnar, who died several years prior.
Era I, chapter 172 : Kara supports Grey from the Haven's walls against the demons.
Era I, chapter 173 : Kara looks forward to leaving the Haven when Vardissa brings up ěsteng.
Era I, chapter 174 : Kara explains how she came to work for the royal army.
Era I, chapter 175 : Kara mentions how they've had to defend themselves often.
Era I, chapter 176 : Kara learns who might be responsible for the difficulties she experienced doing her job.
Era I, chapter 180 : Kara is eager to return to Gaedswolde to deal with the demons, but knows getting some extra info first could be beneficial.
Era I, chapter 181 : Kara's arrows force the large demon to retreat.
Era I, chapter 184 : The short stay in Skonnfelt lets Kara rest.
Era I, chapter 185 : Kara figures something must lie below the graveyard.
Era I, chapter 186 : Kara guides Grey through the old tunnels until they find some prisoners.
Era I, chapter 187 : Kara prepares a path via which they can evacuate the villagers.
Era I, chapter 188 : Kara leads Grey to Radovan and assists in convincing the captain.
Era I, chapter 189 : Kara's well-aimed arrows destroy the winged demon.
Era I, chapter 190 : Kara leads the way back home, straight through Gaedswolde.

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