Species : Human. Occupation : messenger, spy.

Iwen is part of a messenger and transportation service owned by a friend of Tarik. Tarik employs the service to provide supplies to his various sites. Iwen is the sole contact between Gethin and Tarik when Gethin is in the field. Iwen has a way of easily making friends, and has managed to get on Gethin's good side, which provides him with a bit of insight in the man's moods and doings, information he forwards to Elfrun.

Appearances :

Era I, chapter 98 : Elfrun mentions she gets insight into private messages thanks to Iwen.
Era I, chapter 103 : Iwen tells Elfrun what he knows about Gethin's involvement in an attack on a small village.
Era I, chapter 118 : Iwen carries messages between Vardissa and Elfrun as he travels between the mansion and the tower.
Era I, chapter 120 : Iwen reveals to Vardissa the contents of the message he is to deliver to Gethin.
Era I, chapter 138 : Having delivered summons, Iwen knows some of the attackers were part of Gethin's band.
Era I, chapter 139 : Iwen prepares horses so Vardissa and her colleagues can flee the tower.
Era I, chapter 141 : Iwen helps Vardissa and Elfrun escape.

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