Irmhild comes from a long line of nobles and is a distant relative of the king of Akurheim.

Appearances :

Era I, chapter 170 : After something she had planned doesn't go her way, Irmhild decides to travel to Alt Traer.
Era I, chapter 177 : Irmhild orders quan to the bridge to investigate the lack of deliveries.
Era I, chapter 179 : Irmhild learns a few things from Radovan, but it's not good news.
Era I, chapter 181 : The screen allows her to see what happens in the area just south of ěst Tarn.
Era I, chapter 185 : Vardissa realises Irmhild is related to Unnhild Fellhorn.
Era I, chapter 186 : Irmhild attacks Vardissa and Lynn'Fey in the inn.
Era I, chapter 187 : One of the workers reveals Irmhild is behind the entire situation.

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