Species : Human. Occupation : magician, priest.

Hiovenalis is a member of the Galdveldt faction of the faith of the one true god. He has certain telepathic abilities, which as gained him the title of magician.

Appearances :

Era I, chapter 114 : Hiovenalis shows up at the tower and works alongside Tarik, playing an important role in the experiments.
Era I, chapter 116 : Hiovenalis appears unhappy at the lack of results the experiments produce.
Era I, chapter 136 : Hiovenalis convinced Tarik a sacrifice is needed for the next experiment.
Era I, chapter 138 : Seeing Ca'anian with his own eyes, Hiovenalis starts to doubt what his faith told him.
Era I, chapter 139 : Hiovenalis believes his staff will disable the intruder's armour.

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