Fellborg abbey

The abbey in Fellborg is considered the oldest and largest of the faith of the one true god. It's said to contain the largest known archive.

Appearances :

Era I, chapter 45 : The abbot and brother archiver meet a peculiar visitor. The abbot is convinced it's god's ascendant.
Era I, chapter 47 : In the archive, Micas and Suhekazu talk about the approaching creation of Akurheim.
Era I, chapter 48 : Micas and Suhekazu witness the ceremonies surrounding the founding of Akurheim.
Era I, chapter 51 : Micas keeps an eye on the progress of the annexation progress, and Karven in particular.
Era I, chapter 52 : Suhekazu requests Micas' help so he can influence the annexation progress to both their benefit.
Era I, chapter 53 : Micas and Suhekazu observe the battle against the Mithri in the Harvilg Meadows.
Era I, chapter 54 : From within the archive, Micas and Suhekazu witness Karven killing Lyubomir.
Era I, chapter 55 : Lyubomir's armour ends up in the abbey's laboratory, where Suhekazu intends to study it.
Era I, chapter 57 : In the archive, Micas and Suhekazu discuss both their tasks of collecting and managing knowledge.
Era I, chapter 59 : In the archive, Suhekazu tells Micas about the accidental attack on Chyriax.
Era I, chapter 60 : From within the archive, Micas follows a royal knight and sees him get attacked and killed.
Era I, chapter 63 : Agrim searches the archive for Lyubomir's armour, then asks Micas about it.
Era I, chapter 64 : During a church council Tybalt falls ill, and dies. Micas suspect the abbot was murdered.
Era I, chapter 65 : In the archive, Micas and Hadrian decipher a letter from Tybalt.
Era I, chapter 67 : Micas finds an unexpected visitor in the archive, who turns out to be Agrim's son, Gjorvald.
Era I, chapter 68 : Late at night, Suhekazu talks to Micas about a recent discovery he made.
Era I, chapter 69 : From within his alcove, Suhekazu continues studying the Mithri in Gaedswolde.
Era I, chapter 71 : Suhekazu performs experiments on the Mithri in Gaedswolde.
Era I, chapter 76 : Micas learns of Akur's death and convinces brother Ewan gem-powered armours could serve the new king, Olafur.
Era I, chapter 77 : Micas observes as Tarik gains access, and then searches the archive.
Era I, chapter 79 : Favius tells Micas and Hadrian of his experiences working for the university alongside Tarik.
Era I, chapter 83 : Tarik gains access to a secret alcove and discovers a chest with armour mechanisms.
Era I, chapter 85 : Micas and Hadrian try to make sense of news and rumours surrounding the death of king Olafur.
Era I, chapter 90 : Micas watches the light-bearers train from inside his room.
Era I, chapter 99 : Suhekazu prepares to dismantle his tools in the hidden alcove.
Era I, chapter 106 : Micas dies in the library, then a fire starts.

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