Species : Human. Occupation : blacksmith.
Date of birth : 48 YA, Kongsdal. Date of death : 110 YA, Sandveyk.

After his apprenticeship, showing great promise, Argo's parents leave their workshop in his care. Argo's partner, Elina, comes to live with him, and also uses the workplace.
Argo changes his name to Eric, after his father, in the hopes of staying out of sight of possible pursuers from the worksite in the Nameless Forest.

Appearances :

Era I, chapter 94 : Argo is the only one to escape from the forest alive. He decides to change his name to Eric.
Era I, chapter 95 : Eric travels to Wolddalr where he plans to stay a while to wait for Dorian's colleague.
Era I, chapter 100 : Back in Wolddalr, Eric decides to leave early after a troop of warriors marches through town.
Era I, chapter 101 : In a destroyed village, Eric finds an orphaned boy. He calls the boy Grey and decides to adopt him.
Era I, chapter 102 : Eric begins work on a smithy in Sandveyk. In Gaspar's chest he finds a book on berserker armour.
Era I, chapter 109 : To convince him to work for them, Gunnar invites Eric to Aegis, where he finds a proper Ca'anian village.
Era I, chapter 110 : Eric has finished another weapon for Gunnar, who visits Sandveyk to collect it.
Era I, chapter 115 : A visitor reveals he knows Eric's real name, and wants him to build a berserker set.
Era I, chapter 119 : Eric continues work on the berserker set and lets Grey assist him.
Era I, chapter 121 : Thinking the attack is his fault, Eric faces the attackers, but is killed.

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