Dubrden Highlands

The Dubrden Highlands lie north of the Dubrden Peaks. The western edge of the area is a smaller mountain range that splits off from the Peaks. On the other side of this range lie the Dubrden Lowlands. While milder in climate than the Lowlands and with more vegetation, no large nations ever formed in the area, instead there are many smaller communities and settlements. The largest community is a group of villages of varying sizes, called Stjerneholm, which means Home of the Star, the name the earliest inhabitants of the region gave to their lands. Old legends speak of an asteroid impact which resulted in a crater that over time formed the large lake in the centre of the Highlands, called Sar Stjerne (Sea of the Star).

Appearances :

Era I, chapter 37 : A traveller comes upon a purple humanoid figure wandering about.
Era I, chapter 91 : An army troop from Akurheim offers to help the inhabitants of Stjerneholm with the demon problem.

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