Species : Human. Occupation : Captain of the guard.

Dragomir is the highest ranking member of the royal army active in Caelkirch. He is head of the guard, performing a role similar to his great-grandfather Lyubomir, though over the years the people with his title spend more and more time dealing with paperwork instead of working in the field.

Appearances :

Era I, chapter 143 : Dragomir not only learns Tarik has died, but a great threat in Eldvithr has woken as well.
Era I, chapter 145 : Hoping to find old combat reports, Dragomir is instead able to count upon Svete's help and several warmachines.
Era I, chapter 151 : Dragomir oversees final preparations to take the fight to the threat in the forest.
Era I, chapter 154 : Dragomir meets with Svete and Viktor to construct new plans.
Era I, chapter 158 : Dragomir brings up a peculiar and anonymous text he had received.
Era I, chapter 161 : Sending messages is not enough, so Dragomir decides to travel to Aegis.
Era I, chapter 164 : Dragomir arrives on time and manages to convince Milovan to leave the forest.
Era I, chapter 165 : Dragomir ends up wondering whether the fantastic stories surrounding Lyubomir may be true after all.
Era I, chapter 166 : Dragomir leaves for Fellborg, and will use the victory over the devourer to boost his chances of becoming marshal.

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