Species : Ca'anian. Occupation : scout.
Location of birth : Stjerneholm.

In Stjerneholm, Borge was one of the scouts. He continues to play that role for Aegis.

Appearances :

Era I, chapter 108 : Borge and Torkild join Gunnar on a mission to scare off some brigands.
Era I, chapter 122 : Borge and Keld are keeping an eye on a group of bandits when they spot a berserker.
Era I, chapter 124 : Borge scouts ahead towards Sandveyk.
Era I, chapter 131 : The entire Aegis squad takes part in the battle against the Mithri. Several assist in finding Grey and Kara.
Era I, chapter 137 : Having returned from a sortie in muddy circumstances, Alpha core members wait in line for the bathrooms.
Era I, chapter 138 : Borge relays what he sees so Myrri can organise the defenders within the camp.
Era I, chapter 139 : Borge is not a willing captive and does what he can to help Grey.
Era I, chapter 140 : Borge tells of what he has seen, and can't but assume he was to be part of an experiment.
Era I, chapter 153 : Borge is part of the group of warriors fighting the devourer.

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