Species : Human. Occupation : blacksmith.
Date of birth : 48 YA, Kongsdal. Date of death : 110 YA, Sandveyk.

After his apprenticeship, showing great promise, Argo's parents leave their workshop in his care. Argo's partner, Elina, comes to live with him, and also uses the workplace.
Argo changes his name to Eric, after his father, in the hopes of staying out of sight of possible pursuers from the worksite in the Nameless Forest.

Appearances :

Era I, chapter 87 : Tarmo's offer is most welcome to Argo, who hasn't done much proper metalwork in recent times.
Era I, chapter 88 : After being assured his workshop will be fine in his absence, Argo accepts Tarmo's offer.
Era I, chapter 89 : Argo arrives at the worksite and is not pleased to hear he's expected to craft berserker armours.
Era I, chapter 93 : Argo learns his smithy has been replaced by a bar - another reason to doubt the work he's doing at the site.
Era I, chapter 94 : Argo is the only one to escape from the forest alive. He decides to change his name to Eric.

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