Species : Human. Occupation : baker.
Date of birth : 26 BA, Ferhabn. Date of death : 32 YA, Ferhabn.

Adelinde lived in Ferhabn, on the farm of her parents. Later, she worked in a bakery.

Appearances :

Era I, chapter 26 : Adelinde sees a falling star, and seeks it out in the nearby forest where it landed. She discovers the star can speak.
Era I, chapter 27 : Adelinde shows her star a fairytale featuring a dragon and a wizard.
Era I, chapter 28 : Adelinde brings her father to the forest, where she sees Chyriax' new from, that of a dragon.
Era I, chapter 40 : In the forest, Adelinde meets with Chyriax and Shaurya, where Chyriax introduces them to the idea of telepathy.
Era I, chapter 42 : Adelinde warns Chyriax she can't just give gems away and hope people will use them in the fight against the demons.
Era I, chapter 50 : Adelinde sees her friend Shaurya leave for Gaedswolde, not sure if she will ever see her again.
Era I, chapter 56 : Adelinde meets her friends in the forest, and they talk about how Akurheim has changed things.
Era I, chapter 66 : From Hans, Shaurya and Chyriax learn Adeline died 3 years prior.

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