Species : Human. Occupation : Silversmith. Gender : female.
Date of birth : 53 YA, Kongsdal.

Daughter of metalworkers, Elina grows up within the trade and shows great talent in fine metalwork. As Kongsdal grows and becomes more prosperous, her skills become more and more in demand.
She works in Argo's workshop, with whom she has a relationship.

Appearances :

Chapter 087 : Elina doesn't trust Tarmo and tries to temper Argo's expectations.
Chapter 088 : Elina has some questions for Tarmo regarding the work they'll be doing.
Chapter 089 : Elina convines Argo to give the work at the secret site a try.

Misc :

A hi-res portrait of Argo and Elina can be found at my Deviantart page.

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