Species : Human. Occupation : blacksmith. Gender : male.
Date of birth : 48 YA, Kongsdal.

After his apprenticeship, showing great promise, Argo's parents leave their workshop in his care. Argo's partner, Elina, comes to live with him, and also uses the workplace.

Appearances :

Chapter 087 : Tarmo's offer is most welcome to Argo, who hasn't done much proper metalwork in recent times.
Chapter 088 : After being assured his workshop will be fine in his absence, Argo accepts Tarmo's offer.
Chapter 089 : Argo arrives at the worksite and is not pleased to hear he's expected to craft berserker armours.

Misc :

A hi-res portrait of Argo and Elina can be found at my Deviantart page.

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