Species : Human. Occupation : Administrator, political strategist.
Date of birth : 55 BA, Galdveldt.

As daughter of a couple of accomplished doctors, Vardissa could go to the prestigious Galdveldt university to study medicine. She soon realised the field interests her little.

Appearances :

Chapter 081 : Doing administrative work, Vardissa believes she discovered evidence of a plot to kill the king.
Chapter 084 : Vardissa believes she can add to the work the monks do in secret.
Chapter 086 : Vardissa connects various bits of news and rumours to discover something might be happening in secret.
Chapter 096 : Duke Tarik is looking for new personnel, and Vardissa considers working at the ducal mansion.
Chapter 097 : Vardissa returns to the duke's mansion for a job interview.
Chapter 098 : Vardissa will stay at the mansion for the duration of her employment.
Chapter 103 : From Elfrun, Vardissa learns of the kind of work Gethin does for Tarik, and how it can get out of hand.
Chapter 107 : Tarik gives Vardissa a bundle of sheets full of strange symbols, which she is to decipher.
Chapter 113 : Vardissa must decipher notebooks for Tarik, but will decide for herself first if the information is to be shared.
Chapter 114 : The experiments at the guard tower leads Vardissa to think Tarik might want to control demons.
Chapter 116 : Vardissa figures Ivarr might unknowingly help her uncover what is happening at the tower.
Chapter 118 : Vardissa begins wondering what Tarik's goal is, after so many years at the tower without success.
Chapter 120 : In the hopes of better understanding Tarik's goal, Vardissa encourages him to search for the missing notebooks.
Chapter 125 : Seeing Sandveyk, Vardissa can't help but think she's responsible.

Misc :

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