Unnhild Fellhorn

Species : Human. Occupation : political strategist.
Date of birth : 45 YA, Galdveldt.

Daughter of Gjorvald. Unnhild returns to the mansion after her studies to assist her father in his role as duke. Later, she performs a similar task when her brother becomes duke. Effectively, she does the majority of the work under Tarik alongside intelligence gathering. While she disapproves most of her brother's illicit and secret doings, she continues assisting him as she believes it's what's expected of a member of the Fellhorn clan.

Appearances :

Chapter 092 : Unnhild expresses disapproval and sees in Gethin's handling proof certain things shouldn't be done at all.
Chapter 097 : Unnhild appeares unimpressed by Vardissa's interview, even though she revealed things Unnhild didn't know.

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