Species : Ca'anian. Occupation : scout, council member.
Date of birth : 28 BA, Ferhabn.

Shaurya lives in the forest between Ferhabn and Fergrad, part of a community of Ca'anian. Cathan is her father.

Appearances :

Chapter 028 : Shaurya is introduced to the visitors by her father, though she already knew Adelinde and was aware of Chyriax' presence.
Chapter 040 : Shaurya learns Chyriax has a telepathic skill, allowing the dragon to read her thoughts to an extend.
Chapter 042 : Shaurya tells Chyriax the Ca'anian in the forest will make good use of what she has taught them, and returns Chyriax' gems.
Chapter 049 : Now part of the council, Shaurya learns of how life will change should they remain in Akurheim.
Chapter 050 : Shaurya must say goodbye to her friend Adelinde, as the Ca'anian community departs for Gaedswolde.
Chapter 056 : Shaurya returns to the forest near Ferhabn to visit Adelinde.
Chapter 058 : Shaurya accompanies Chyriax to a wooden hut that ends up being camouflage for a steel structure.
Chapter 066 : Visiting Ferhabn with Chyriax, Shaurya learns from Hans that Adelinde has died 3 years prior.
Chapter 073 : Shaurya is forced to defend her home against a sudden appearance of Mithri.

Misc :

A hi-res image featuring a young Shaurya can be found at my Deviantart page, as well as an image of Shaurya and Adelinde and another image of Shaurya in Ferhabn.

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