Species : Mithri. Role : n/a.
Date of birth : unknown.

The Mithri are a species of purple jelly-like creatures. They are thought to be primitive and use no technology, yet they are able to travel through space. The creatures are capable of feeding on nearly everything, and seem to prefer Xyloxi material above all other matter. As they eat, they essentially convert their food into the material they are made of with almost no waste, growing in size. Every time they add mass to themselves they may grow smarter, more perceptive, if the food gets transformed into sensing and processing organs, which appears to be a random process.

Appearances :

Chapter 001 : The Mithri specimen that has made its way to the inner regions of a star system knows it's being observed.
Chapter 009 : The Mithri changes its orbit, getting closer to the planet.
Chapter 011 : The Mithri grows long tentacles that reach far into the planet's atmosphere.
Chapter 013 : The Mithri attempts a landing, but ends up sacrificing most of its mass doing so to ensure a small part survives, then splits up.
Chapter 016 : One of the parts of the original Mithri tries to makes sense of the new environment. It picks up a sign of its enemy.
Chapter 018 : The Mitri makes its way to a small village, where it has detected a crystal shard.
Chapter 020 : The crystal shard the Mithri has enveloped explodes, damaging the Mithri.
Chapter 029 : The Mithri near Fergrad is destroyed by Chyriax.
Chapter 031 : The Mithri near Dubrholm is destroyed by Chyriax, Xeryan and Oxyllia.
Chapter 034 : A farmer in Caelkirch discovers a purple form changing shape to mimic one of his cows.
Chapter 035 : In Eldvithr, a hunter finds several purple chunks, some of which seem to change form.
Chapter 046 : In Eldvithr, the Mithri has unleashed a form mimicking Chyriax in her dragon form and one looking like Lyubomir.
Chapter 053 : The specimen in the Harvilg Meadows is defeated by a troop of royal soldiers. Afterwards, Suhekazu destroys the remains.
Chapter 061 : The Mithri in Gaedswolde becomes aware of something attacking it.
Chapter 068 : Suhekazu believes there's a connection between the large Mithri specimens and the hordes of smaller forms.
Chapter 069 : Suhekazu witnesses the event that leads to the creation of smaller demons.
Chapter 070 : Suhekazu sets up his own experiments to figure out the Mithri's behaviour.
Chapter 071 : Suhekazu's experiments allow him to briefly control a smaller Mithr specimen.
Chapter 073 : Shaurya and Chyriax see a sudden change in the Mithri's behaviour.
Chapter 091 : In the Highlands, a large Mithri specimen is destroyed.
Chapter 114 : Tarik's experiments cause a draurgur to appear in the old guard tower.
Chapter 127 : A troop of smaller specimens is destroyed by the Ca'anian from Aegis.
Chapter 129 : Another group of Mithri specimens is defeated by Aegis.
Chapter 131 : Aegis sets out to fight a large group of Mithri. A small number split off to follow Grey and Kara.

Misc :

Two hi-res portraits of Mithri can be found at my Deviantart page here and here.

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