Hallsten, Ivarr, Lainne, Lugrum


Hallsten :
Species : human. Occupation : inventor, scientist.

Hallsten works for Tarik at the Galdveldt mansion, and thinks of himself as inventor and scientist.

Ivarr :
Species : human. Occupation : blacksmith.

Ivarr works for Tarik at the Galdveldt mansion.

Lainne :
Species : human. Occupation : physician.

Lainne works for Tarik at the Galdveldt mansion.

Lugrum :
Species : Human. Occupation : head of personnel.

Lugrum makes sure the personnel at the ducal mansion is aware of Lord Tarik's and Lady Unnhild's wishes. He serves as an intermediary between the personnel and members of the Fellhorn family. The man keeps to himself, so little is known about him.

Appearances :

Chapter 097 : Lugrum organises the interviews of job seekers at the mansion.
Chapter 107 : Lugrum reveals he's well aware Vardissa and Elfrun spend plenty time together.
Chapter 113 : Like Vardissa, Hallsten, Ivarr, and Lainne are told by Tarik to accompany him to his Gaedswolde base.
Chapter 114 : Hallsten is killed by one of the demons the experiments summoned.

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