Kongsdal is a county in the Galdveldt province, where the capital of the province is located, as well as the residence of the duke of Galdveldt.
Before Akurheim, Kongsdal was also the capital of the Galdveldt kingdom. The war between Galdveldt and Fellborg caused great destruction within Kongsdal, and it had taken up until Gjorvald's rule before things began improving.
Kongsdal borders Vorstand and Eisvik. A small, nameless forest lies where the three counties would meet, but is not officially part of any of them.

Appearances :

Chapter 087 : Argo and Elina are visited by Tarmo Halla in their workshop.
Chapter 088 : Tarmo Halla returns to Argo's and Elina's workshop.
Chapter 089 : Argo and Elina travel to the Nameless Forest, which hides a large factory.
Chapter 093 : Dorian finds Argo and Elina at the secret site within the Nameless Forest.
Chapter 094 : Dorian returns and reveals his plans to get Argo and Elina out of the forest.

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