Species : Ca'anian. Occupation : guard captain.

As many of his age, by necessity, Gunnar became member of the town guard at a young age. After the death of his father, who was guard captain, he took over as captain.
After the destruction of their homes, the surviving Ca'anian fled to Gaedswolde, where they set up a camp which grew into a proper settlement. Gunnar gradually took on the role of mayor of the settlement as it grew in size.

Appearances :

Chapter 091 : After the unexpected offer of help from Akurheim light-bearers, Gunnar leads Stjerneholm into battle against a large demon.
Chapter 104 : Gunnar meets Chyriax, a name from stories who turns out to be real.
Chapter 105 : From Loughlin, Gunnar learns of the location of another large demon not too far from the Ca'anian camp.

Misc :

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