Species : Human. Occupation : n/a.
Date of birth : 88 YA (estimated), location unknown.

Grey's original name and parents are unknown. He was placed in a village as an orphan shortly before said village was destroyed. Eric found him, and decided to adopt him, giving him the name Grey.

Appearances :

Chapter 101 : Grey's village is destroyed. As one of the very few survivors, he's found by Eric.
Chapter 102 : A new life begins for Grey when he and Eric settle in Sandveyk.
Chapter 109 : Grey is delighted at Oakan's visit, who has proven to be a fun playmate for the children in town.
Chapter 110 : Grey is saddened when he hears Benegar tell his Ca'anian friends they should no longer visit.
Chapter 119 : Grey helps his father, who is working on a set of armour with a large gem set in the chest piece.
Chapter 121 : After telling his father to find a safe place, Grey helps Benegar in protecting their village.
Chapter 122 : Wearing an armour his father made, Grey finds the leader of the attackers and kills him.
Chapter 123 : Trying to block out the memories from the days before, Grey focusses on learning about Aegis.
Chapter 124 : In Sandveyk, Grey is confronted with the devastation again, but learns there must be survivors.
Chapter 126 : Grey attempts to continue some of his habits from during his life in Sandveyk.
Chapter 127 : Grey learns the demons are not mere myth, but do exist within Gaedswolde.
Chapter 128 : Grey turns out to be better than the Core's current champion at armwrestling.
Chapter 129 : Grey joins another sortie with the Ca'anian from Aegis.
Chapter 130 : Grey tries out the berserker armour for the first time on the training grounds.
Chapter 131 : Grey helps Kara return the Aegis encampment after they get separated during a mission.

Misc :

A hi-res portrait of Eric and Grey can be found at my Deviantart page, as well as an image of Grey wearing the berserker armour.

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