Gjorvald Fellhorn

Species : Human. Occupation : marshal (since 55 YA), duke of Galdveldt (since 60 YA).
Date of birth : 10 YA, Galdveldt. Date of death : 90 YA, Kongsdal.

Son of Agrim.
Gjorvald has two children : Unnhild and Tarik.

Appearances :

Chapter 067 : In search for books to further his studies on warfare, Gjorvald visits the abbey's archive, where he meets Micas
Chapter 074 : While working in his office at the duchal mansion, Gjorvald learns his father has died, making him duke of Galdveldt.
Chapter 096 : Gjorvald dies after an illness. Tarik, being his oldest son, becomes duke of Galdveldt.

Misc :

A hi-res image of Gjorvald can be found at my Deviantart page.

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