Gaedswolde is a massive forest, forming the southern border of Akurheim, where it's more than 600 miles wide between the coast and the Brekfin Peaks. The forest is often rumoured to go on forever, and few know what it harbours.
Cathan and the Ca'anian from the forest between Fergrad and Ferhabn found a new place to live within Gaedswolde, relatively close to the forest's northern edge, just south of where the Woldstrom enters Gaedswolde.
Where the Woldstrom curves northwards, getting close to the border with Akurheim, Gunnar and his crew set up their camp, Aegis, which over time transformed into a proper settlement.
Deep into the forest, a large settlement called Wold's Haven can be found.

Appearances :

Chapter 058 : Chyriax discovers a lone hut, which turns out to hide a Lioxae structure within.
Chapter 061 : The Mithri hiding in Gaedswolde is under attack, but it fails to figure out who is responsible.
Chapter 070 : Suhekazu built drones to explore the ground under Gaedswolde.
Chapter 073 : Chyriax and Shaurya notice a change in the pattern the Mithri appearances had had thus far.
Chapter 080 : According to Ca'anian custom, Cathan is buried in the forest.
Chapter 104 : Chyriax contacts Myrri, saying she wants to meet the leader of their group.
Chapter 105 : Loughlin tells Gunnar he and his human friends will move to Wold's Haven to help defend the settlement.
Chapter 108 : While Gunnar and some of his crew scare away brigands, they find a lost Ca'anian girl.
Chapter 109 : Gunnar invites Eric to Aegis, where they discuss the matter of gem-powered weapons with Magnar.
Chapter 111 : Unnhild's scouts find a damaged structure, before they can investigate in detail, a defender chases them away.
Chapter 113 : Tarik and several of the mansion's personnel arrive at an old guard tower.
Chapter 114 : Experiments at the old guard tower result in the appearance of a dangerous demon.
Chapter 116 : The lack of further results annoys Hiovenalis and puts more pressure on the personnel.
Chapter 118 : Tarik and some of the personnel keep returning to the tower to continue doing experiments.
Chapter 120 : Vardissa convinces Tarik the missing notebooks might be in Wold Dorr.
Chapter 122 : A berserker shows up in the forest, not too far from Aegis.
Chapter 123 : Grey sees first-hand how Ca'anian live in the forest.
Chapter 126 : Grey finds plenty of support amongst the Ca'anian of Aegis.
Chapter 127 : In the forest, Ca'anian fight a troop of demons.
Chapter 128 : Grey must complete some challenges to become member of the Core squad.
Chapter 129 : Aegis' Core squad fight demons in the forest.
Chapter 130 : On the Aegis' training grounds, Grey learns to use the berserker armour set.
Chapter 131 : Fighters from Aegis face a large troop of Mithri in Gaedswolde.

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