Species : Human. Occupation : Store keeper.
Date of birth : 57 BA.

In Vithrborg, Eirin operates one of the mysterious stores Gudmund keeps discovering on his travels. Her store is called Eccentricities.

Appearances :

Chapter 006 : After learning that Gudmund has found 3 gems thus far, Eirin warns him not to pick up any more of them, but declines to tell why.
Chapter 008 : Gudmund shows up at Eirin's store after having found another gem, which has fused with him. Knowing some of what is happening to Gudmund, Eirin has him meet Xamyryn.
Chapter 010 : During Gudmund's visit, another eye-gem is brought into the store. Eirin asks Gudmund to explore what the eye has seen.
Chapter 012 : Eirin speaks of the things she had witnessed through the eye-gems. Once there had been a patch of darkness in the skies, on another occasion a bright star. Both were living things.
Chapter 014 : Through an eye-gem Eirin sees the landing of multiple dark shapes. In a nearby park she shows Gudmund the approximate directions the shapes took.
Chapter 022 : Talking with Gudmund about the events in Dubrholm, Eirin worries about what damage the purple things might do.
Chapter 062 : On the market in Vithrborg, Eirin wonders what happened to Xamyryn, who she had last seen some 40 years prior.
Chapter 075 : Not ageing since being changed by Xamyryn's eye-gems, Eirin wears disguises when she has to leave the house.
Chapter 078 : Not being able to leave the house, Eirin feels chained, restricted.
Chapter 082 : Eirin and Gudmund depart from Vithrborg, first to gather their friends, then to travel to a place Xamyryn prepared.

Misc :

A hi-res portrait of Eirin can be found at my Deviantart page, as well as an image of Gudmund and Eirin in Vithrborg.

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