Species : Xyloxi. Occupation : warrior-scout.
Date of birth : unknown.

Chyriax is one of the oldest Xyloxi within the Xyth galaxy, as far as she knows. Over the ages, she has gradually taken on the role of a warrior by necessity.
Suhekazu's reaction to her appearance suggests she has come in contact with Lioxae on several occasions.

Appearances :

Chapter 023 : As Suhekazu expected, the blue Xyloxi returns with two friends, one being a red Xyloxi, the other he knows by the name of Chyriax.
Chapter 024 : Chyriax directs Xeryan and Oxyllia to search the sector for signs of the Mithri, while she prepares to land on the planet.
Chapter 026 : Chyriax' landing has been seen by one of the locals calling herself Adelinde. From her, Chyriax begins to learn the locals' language.
Chapter 027 : The book Adelinde brought introduces Chyriax to the written word and a creature called dragon.
Chapter 028 : Chyriax meets Adelinde's father. Cathan, a Ca'anian living in the forest finally shows himself. From both she learns the Mithri landed.
Chapter 029 : Chyriax travels to Fergrad where she destroys the Mithri and instructs the locals on how to clean up the remains.
Chapter 031 : Chyriax leads Oxyllia anx Xeryan to Dubrholm where they destroy the Mithri.
Chapter 033 : Oxyllia anx Xeryan return to space, but Chyriax remains on the planet to continue searching for whatever Mithri remain.
Chapter 040 : Chyriax talks to several villagers as she explores ideas to help the locals deal with the Mithri themselves.
Chapter 042 : Chyriax provides Ferris with some mechanisms so a gem-powered armour prototype can be made.
Chapter 044 : In Caelkirch, Chyriax has Lyubomir test out the gem-powered armour prototype, then lets him keep it.
Chapter 046 : When Chyriax learns of a large demon in Eldvithr, she seeks it out with Lyubomir's assistance.
Chapter 049 : From Cathan, Chyriax learns the agreement at the basis of Akurheim makes any cooperation with her illegal.
Chapter 050 : The Ca'anian near Ferhabn leave for Gaedswolde. Chyriax helps them by scouting the route.
Chapter 054 : The armour Chyriax made for Lyubomir warns her something has happened to the wearer.
Chapter 056 : Chyriax carries Shaurya to the forest near Ferhabn, so they can visit Adelinde.
Chapter 058 : Chyriax is attacked by something belonging to Lioxae while flying over Gaedswolde.
Chapter 066 : Chyriax carries Shaurya to Ferhabn to visit Adelinde, but they receive sad news instead.
Chapter 073 : Near the Ca'anian settlement in Gaedswolde, Chyriax discovers proof of someone interfering with the Mithri.
Chapter 080 : Chyriax brings Cathan to the forest near Ferhabn for a last visit.
Chapter 104 : Chyriax has learned of Gunnar's group and visits them.

Misc :

Hi-res images featuring Chyriax can be found at my Deviantart page :
Chyriax in space.
Chyriax in the forest near Ferhabn with Adelinde and Shaurya.
Chyriax in her dragon form.
Chyriax finding something built by Lioxae.

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