Caelkirch encompasses a large area dotted with tiny villages. For outsiders, the nation is treated as a kingdom, though there is no real central government for the entire nation. The largest city carries the same name as the kingdom and is home to approximately a fifth of the entire population of the nation. Officially, the Eldvithr forest north of it determines the border of Caelkirch, though the many settlements within the forest see themselves as being part of Caelkirch.

Appearances :

Chapter 034 : Joe, living in one of the many hamlets of Caelkirch, finds a strange creature on his farm.
Chapter 035 : A hunter finds several purple blobs in the forests north of Caelkirch.
Chapter 044 : Chyriax helps out the local guard, commanded by Lyubomir, in their fight against a Mithri horde.
Chapter 046 : Chyriax and Lyubomir fight a dragon-shaped demon in the woods above Caelkirch.
Chapter 054 : Lyubomir is killed by Karven, who visits the town as part of the annexation effort of Akurheim.

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