Ansgar, Borge, Keld, Kjartan, Magnar, Torkild

Ansgar :
Species : Ca'anian. Occupation : cook.
Location of birth : Wold Dorr.

Ansgar has always been a cook, and in Aegis he primarily provides the warriors with food.

Borge :
Species : Ca'anian. Occupation : scout.
Location of birth : Stjerneholm.

In Stjerneholm, Borge was one of the scouts. He continues to play that role for Aegis.

Keld :
Species : Ca'anian. Occupation : scout, messenger.
Location of birth : Stjerneholm.

As one of the fastest scouts in Aegis, Keld often plays the role of messenger.

Kjartan :
Species : Ca'anian. Occupation : warrior.
Location of birth : Stjerneholm.

Kjartan is a strong and reliable warrior.

Magnar :
Species : Ca'anian. Occupation : smith.
Location of birth : Wold Dorr.

Magnar is one of the first Ca'anian from Akurheim to join Aegis, where he picks up his old job of smith.

Torkild :
Species : Ca'anian. Occupation : guard captain.
Location of birth : Stjerneholm.

Torkild was guard captain of one of the small villages making up Stjerneholm in the Highlands.

Appearances :

Chapter 091 : Alongside Gunnar, Torkild leads his town guards into battle against a large demon threatening their homes.
Chapter 104 : Torkild is taking part in the construction of a camp when Chyriax visits.
Chapter 108 : Borge and Torkild join Gunnar on a mission to scare off some brigands.
Chapter 109 : Magnar talks with Gunnar and Eric about gem-powered weapons.
Chapter 122 : Borge and Keld are keeping an eye on a group of bandits when they spot a berserker.
Chapter 123 : Grey meets Kjartan and Magnar, who reveals he knew Eric.
Chapter 124 : Torkild assures Grey his attack on the brigands was not a crime.
Chapter 124 : Borge scouts ahead towards Sandveyk.
Chapter 124 : Ansgar assists Oakan in a prank involving a cook book featuring dishes with humans as the main ingredient.
Chapter 126 : Magnar convinces Grey he should continue work on the armour his father made.
Chapter 126 : Torkild is impressed by Grey's skill with the two-handed sword.
Chapter 128 : Magnar is ready to start work on finishing Grey's armour.
Chapter 128 : A yet stronger version of mirkva exists, thanks to Ansgar.
Chapter 128 : Torkild challenges Grey to a bout of arm-wrestling.
Chapter 129 : Magnar reveals Oakan has been asking him about crafting a bathtub.
Chapter 130 : Magnar assists Grey in his preparation for training with the armour.
Chapter 131 : The entire Aegis squad takes part in the battle against the Mithri. Several assist in finding Grey and Kara.

Misc :

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