Species : Xyloxi. Occupation : memory heart.
Date of birth : unknown.

Xamyryn communicates with some of Jeorth's in habitants through what he calls a manifestation : a kind of hologram projected and controlled through a crystal spire in a small room of Eirin's store, and other stores like it. He doesn't offer much information about himself, which causes Eirin to think of him as a wizard.
Xamyryn is a Xyloxi memory heart, a vast living library, taking up a large part of Jeorth's mass. Besides storing the collective discoveries of the Xyloxi, he also contains the memories of all those he has come in contact with.

Appearances :

Era I, chapter 8 : Xamyryn gets called in by Eirin at her shop, and explains the purpose of the gems to Gudmund.
Era I, chapter 12 : Xamyryn explains what Eirin and Gudmund have seen through the gems is a creature hovering high above the planet.
Era I, chapter 17 : Xamyryn goes into hiding after learning the Mithri has landed and wonders if there's anything he can do.
Era I, chapter 19 : Xamyryn feels the Mithri attack him. He connects with the primitive mind and detects something Xyloxi in it.
Era I, chapter 25 : Xamyryn senses the landing of a single Xyloxi, and wonders if one will be enough to deal with the Mithri threat.
Era I, chapter 32 : Xamyryn can feel the effect the fights between the Xyloxi and the Mithri have on the planet.
Era I, chapter 38 : Xamyryn suspects the Mithri might know of him, so he sets up a plan to keep them too busy to search for him.
Era I, chapter 72 : Xamyryn discovers someone is interfering with his attempts to preoccupy the Mithri.
Era I, chapter 82 : In a safe haven he built, Xamyryn welcomes several of those who have worked for him in the past.
Era I, chapter 106 : Xamyryn detects Lioxae signals being sent back and forth between the planet and a location in the solar system.
Era I, chapter 155 : A familiar voice contacts Xamyryn, and provides a way to end the battle.
Era I, chapter 156 : Xamyryn reveals he is a memory heart, a living archive of the Xyloxi.
Era I, chapter 167 : Scanning Suhekazu's data, Xamyryn realises another vessel had landed on Jeorth.
Era I, chapter 168 : Xamyryn has been tracking signals, and he ended up close to Fernhabn.
Era I, chapter 171 : Vardissa gets the idea Xamyryn in a fashion approves of her plan.
Era I, chapter 173 : While mostly a mystery to both, Lynn'Fey and Vardissa speak of what little they know about him.
Era I, chapter 181 : Xamyryn managed to move an eye-gem into ěsteng, so he can communicate with Lynn'Fey.
Era I, chapter 183 : Xamyryn has new orders for Vardissa. He wants her to investigate Fjellsinge.
Era I, chapter 184 : Xamyryn tells Lynn'Fey she and Vardissa are to go to Fjellsinge.
Era I, chapter 187 : The work at the mine has exposed some of Xamyryn, who briefly talks to Lynn'Fey and Vardissa.
Era I, chapter 188 : Xamyryn provides Vardissa with weapons against the demons.
Era I, chapter 189 : Xamyryn uses one of his orbital weapons to deal with the devourer.

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