Species : Human. Occupation : Administrator, political strategist.
Date of birth : 55 BA, Galdveldt.

As daughter of a couple of accomplished doctors, Vardissa could go to the prestigious Galdveldt university to study medicine. She soon realised the field interests her little.
An attack on her caused Vardissa to lose an arm, but Xamyryn provided her with a new one, made of amber crystal.

Appearances :

Era I, chapter 81 : Doing administrative work, Vardissa believes she discovered evidence of a plot to kill the king.
Era I, chapter 84 : Vardissa believes she can add to the work the monks do in secret.
Era I, chapter 86 : Vardissa connects various bits of news and rumours to discover something might be happening in secret.
Era I, chapter 96 : Duke Tarik is looking for new personnel, and Vardissa considers working at the ducal mansion.
Era I, chapter 97 : Vardissa returns to the duke's mansion for a job interview.
Era I, chapter 98 : Vardissa will stay at the mansion for the duration of her employment.
Era I, chapter 103 : From Elfrun, Vardissa learns of the kind of work Gethin does for Tarik, and how it can get out of hand.
Era I, chapter 107 : Tarik gives Vardissa a bundle of sheets full of strange symbols, which she is to decipher.
Era I, chapter 113 : Vardissa must decipher notebooks for Tarik, but will decide for herself first if the information is to be shared.
Era I, chapter 114 : The experiments at the guard tower leads Vardissa to think Tarik might want to control demons.
Era I, chapter 116 : Vardissa figures Ivarr might unknowingly help her uncover what is happening at the tower.
Era I, chapter 118 : Vardissa begins wondering what Tarik's goal is, after so many years at the tower without success.
Era I, chapter 120 : In the hopes of better understanding Tarik's goal, Vardissa encourages him to search for the missing notebooks.
Era I, chapter 125 : Seeing Sandveyk, Vardissa can't help but think she's responsible.
Era I, chapter 136 : Pretending to be working, Vardissa listens as a scout reports to Tarik.
Era I, chapter 138 : Vardissa talks to the captain leading the attack, hoping to avoid a Sandveyk outcome.
Era I, chapter 139 : Vardissa delays news, giving the intruders the chance to escape, then tricks Tarik.
Era I, chapter 141 : Vardissa hopes to collect a few more things from Tarik's office before fleeing.
Era I, chapter 151 : While in Caelkirch, Vardissa tries to influence politics at large.
Era I, chapter 158 : The text she had dropped off at Dragomir's office ends up being difficult to believe.
Era I, chapter 162 : Vardissa learns the pendant might be special, and she believes she knows where to find Chyriax.
Era I, chapter 168 : Vardissa discovers an important element in the writings of Micas.
Era I, chapter 171 : Vardissa decides to leave Xamyryn's Haven to find Grey and Kara and go to ěsteng.
Era I, chapter 172 : Vardissa and Lynn'Fey are close to the Haven when they have to run as to avoid demons.

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