Xyth Era I timeline.

The regions of Jeorth where the story takes place use the Akur calendar. BA stands for years before Akur, while YA stands for year of Akur.
Example : 30 BA = 30 years before Akur, 15 YA = the 15th year of Akur.
Read the story to find out who or what Akur is and how year zero was decided.

62 BA
• Birth of Cathan (Ferhabn).

57 BA
• Birth of Eirin.

55 BA
• Birth of Gudmund (Sarbru).
• Birth of Karven Fellhorn (Fellborg).

45 BA
• Birth of Micas.

42 BA
• Birth of Lyubomir (Caelkirch).

38 BA
• Birth of Tybalt.

35 BA
• Death of Gudmund's parents (Sarhamn).

30 BA
• Suhekazu, a Lioxae savant, has discovered a member of the strange Mithri species which appears interested in a generic, inhabited planet. He decides to study the creature in the hopes that his findings might cause him to rise in rank amongst his species.

28 BA
• Birth of Shaurya (Ferhabn).

26 BA
• Birth of Adelinde (Ferhabn).
• While carting goods from his home town Sarbru to Twaebach, Gudmund finds a gemstone that looks like a giant eye. In Twaebach he discovers a store whose propietor appears to be the owner of the gem, but the man instructs Gudmund to place the stone somewhere outside again.

25 BA
• Suhekazu detects a signal originating from the planet that should not have the technology to do so. He discovers it might very well be from Xyloxi origin - a spacefaring species that doesn't live on planets.
• On his travels, Gudmund finds yet another curious gemstone. In the town of Rydhem, where he delivers cargo, he comes across a store dealing in crystal figurines, similar to the one he had discovered earlier.
• Birth of Akur Fellhorn (Fellborg).

24 BA
• Suhekazu's drones detect an object entering the system, then landing on the planet. He suspect it's of Ca'anian origin, allies of Xyloxi. He can't yet tell why either species could be interested in the planet.
• On the way to Vithrborg, Gudmund hears whispers that guide him to another gemstone. At his destination, he discovers another store, whose propietor, Eirin, warns him not to pick up any more of the gems.
• A Xyloxi enters the system, and briefly studies the Mithri before departing again. Suhekazu suspects the Xyloxi will bring in more of its kind to deal with the Mithri.
• Gudmund finds another gem, but something goes wrong. Being near Vithrborg, he seeks out Eirin for help, who in turn calls in a pecular figure called Xamyryn, which she refers to as a wizard.

23 BA
• The Mithri orbiting the planet appears to be trying to get closer to it. Its actions tell Suhekazu the creature is unusually intelligent.
• Through an eye-gem brought to Eirin's store, Gudmund witnesses enormous tentacles reach down from the heavens.
• Suhekazu witnesses the Mithri specimen growing long tentacles that reach into the planet's atmosphere.
• While they wait for Xamyryn to appear, Eirin speaks of the things she has seen through the eye-gems.
• Birth of Agrim Fellhorn (Galdveldt).

22 BA
• The Mithri dives into the atmosphere, going through radical shape changes. When it seems it's about to be destroyed, the creature sacrifices part of itself to ensure another part survives.
• Eirin sees things land through an eye. She and Gudmund call on Xamyryn, but there's no response. Using a landmark Eirin saw in the vision, she shows Gudmund where some of the dark shapes might have landed.
• Suhekazu is convinced the Mithri has survived the landing. He has no idea what it might be up to and will have to build new drones that can keep track of the creature.
• The Mithri has landed, and is trying to make sense of its new situation. It detects a sign of its enemy.
• Xamyryn goes into hiding after the Mithri's unexpected landing. He considers his next steps.

21 BA
• Inhabitants of Dubrholm spot something moving in the mountains. The townguard investigates and discovers a purple creature slowly making its way to their town. They can't stop its advance.
• Xamyryn feels the Mithri attack him. He connects with the primitive mind and detects something Xyloxi in it.
• The townguard in Dubrholm witnesses an attack of sorts on the creature. It appeares to recover quickly.
• Suhekzau's drones have reached the surface and begin monitoring the Mithri.

20 BA
• Gudmund and Eirin talk about the events in Dubrholm, wondering what else is in store for the area and what has become of Xamyryn.

19 BA
• The blue Xyloxi Suhekazu saw before has returned, and with allies. Suhekazu recognises one of them as a powerful Xyloxi, Chyriax.
• Chyriax directs the two Xyloxi to scout the sector, while she prepares to land on the planet, convinced the Mithri might have done the same.

18 BA
• Xamyryn senses the landing of a single Xyloxi, and wonders if one will be enough to deal with the Mithri threat.
• Adelinde believes she has seen a falling star land in the nearby forest, and seeks it out to discover the star can speak.
• Adelinde shows Chyriax one of her fairytales, introducing Chyriax to the written word and the concept of dragons.
• From Adelinde's father and Cathan, a Ca'anian living in the forest, Chyriax learns the Mithri has landed on the planet.
• Chyriax flies to Fergrad where she finds and defeats one of the Mithri creatures.

17 BA
• Suhekazu worries about his research as Chyriax both hunts down the Mithri and instructs locals to help her.

16 BA
• With the help of Xeryan and Oxyllia, Chyriax destroys the Mithri at Dubrholm.
• Xamyryn feels the impact the battles between the Xyloxi and the Mithri have on the planet, and wonders how many Mithri are out there.
• Chyriax believes the bulk of the Mithri has been dealt with and so Xeryan and Oxyllia return to space.

15 BA
• In Caelkirch, a farmer discovers a curious, shapeshifting purple creature.

14 BA
• North of Caelkirch, a hunter comes upon multiple purple blobs, some of which seem alive.
• Suhekazu's drones discover the Mithri spawning various smaller specimens, mimicking lifeforms on the planet.

13 BA
• Somewhere in the Dubrden Highlands, a traveller finds a purple humanoid form wandering about.
• Xamyryn sets his plan in motion. He will attempt to occupy Mithri to keep them from searching for him.

11 BA
• Suhekazu managed to land a drone on the planet that will build an outpost to maintain his other drones.

10 BA
• Birth of Hadrian.

9 BA
• Chyriax begins looking for ways to help the locals take care of the Mithri problem themselves.

7 BA
• Suhekazu sees the locals become more efficient in their fight against the Mithri, and realises his research is in danger.
• Death of Runolfur Fellhorn (Fellborg).
• Akur Fellhorn is crowned king of Fellborg.

5 BA
• Chyriax provides the locals with gems to build weapons, but with mixed results.
• Suhekazu begins work on a disguise which will allow him to work from the planet's surface unseen.

4 BA
• Chyriax allows Lyubomir to use the gem-powered armour prototype in the fight against the Mithri hordes near Caelkirch.

3 BA
• Suhekazu lands on the planet. Disguised, he plans to infiltrate the Fellborg abbey, from where he'll continue his research.

2 BA
• Chyriax receives word a dragon-like demon has been discovered north of Caelkirch. Together with Lyubomir she seeks the creature out.
• Micas talks about the approaching founding of a new nation, Akurheim. Suhekazu reveals his true self.

0 YA
• Thanks to a device Suhekazu made, Micas can observe the ceremony surrounding the creation of Akurheim.

1 YA
• Cathan and Chyriax learn there will be no safe place for them in Akurheim.

2 YA
• The Ca'anian community near Ferhabn leaves Akurheim for their new home in Gaedswolde.

3 YA
• The annexation continues, but becomes more violent especially where Karven is present.

4 YA
• Suhekazu prepares a plan to stabilise and calm the annexation so it can't interfere with his studies too much.
• Brother Colbenn leads a group of soldiers into battle against a large Mithri specimen in the Harvilg Meadows.

5 YA
• Karven kills Lyubomir, then steals the gem-powered armour Chyriax had made.
• Lyubomir's armour ends up in the abbey's laboratory. Suhekazu offers to build copies.

6 YA
• Chyriax and Shaurya visit Adelinde in Ferhabn.

7 YA
• Suhekazu builds more tools for Micas, and explains the workings of the church magician's mindreading abilities.

10 YA
• Chyriax is attacked while flying over Gaedswolde. She discovers a camouflaged structure belonging to Lioxae.
• Suhekazu tells Micas how one of his outposts attacked Chyriax. Micas offers advice.
• Birth of Gjorvald Fellhorn (Galdveldt).

13 YA
• Micas witnesses a group of people, including Agrim, steal one of the armours the abbey gifted the king.

17 YA
• In Gaedswolde, the Mithri specimen hiding between the trees becomes aware of some form of attacks on itself.

21 YA
• Gudmund and Eirin visit the market in Vithrborg. More than 40 years have passed since they last saw Xamyryn.
• Birth of Olafur Fellhorn (Fellborg).

25 YA
• Agrim visits the abbey's archive unannounced to search for Lyubomir's armour.

27 YA
• Tybalt is murdered, and a new abbot is installed within the day. Micas suspects Agrim is involved.

30 YA
• Micas receives a coded letter in Tybalt's handwriting.
• Agrim becomes marshal of the royal armies.

32 YA
• Death of Adelinde (Ferhabn).

33 YA
• Death of Karven Fellhorn (Galdveldt).

35 YA
• On a visit to Ferhabn, Shaurya and Chyriax learn some sad news about their friend.

40 YA
• Pressured by his father, Gjorvald visits the abbey's archive, where he meets Micas.

43 YA
• Suhekazu discovers a pattern in the behaviour of the Mithri.

45 YA
• Birth of Unnhild Fellhorn (Galdveldt).

47 YA
• Studying the Mithri, Suhekazu discovers they are partially underground.

48 YA
• Birth of Tarik Fellhorn (Galdveldt).
• Birth of Argo Erisson (Galdveldt).

50 YA
• Suhekazu's drones discover a conflict between Xyloxi and Mithri underneath Gaedswolde.

53 YA
• Suhekazu experiments on some of the Mithri creatures, affecting their shape and behaviour.
• Birth of Elina (Galdveldt).

55 YA
• Xamyryn becomes aware of someone with great skill interfering with his work.
• Birth of Vardissa (Galdveldt).

57 YA
• Near the Ca'anian settlement, a number of Mithri show up unexpectedly.
• Birth of Dorian (Galdveldt).

60 YA
• Agrim Fellhorn dies, making Gjorvald the new duke of Galdveldt.

61 YA
• Gudmund and Eirin are forced to wear disguises in their home town.

65 YA
• Anticipating king Akur's death, Micas has prepared a gift for the new king of Akurheim, Olafur.

68 YA
• Birth of Loughlin (Fellborg).

70 YA
• Micas sees Tarik in the archive, who appears to be looking for something.

73 YA
• Vernon visits Eirin and Gudmund, telling them Irmgard has been contacted by Xamyryn.

75 YA
• Micas and Hadrian learn of Tarik's behaviour on aquisition missions for the Fellborg university.

76 YA
• Death of Cathan (Gaedswolde).

77 YA
• Vardissa uncovers an unsettling plot in the political archives of the Galdveldt university.

79 YA
• Gudmund and Eirin depart for a safe haven in the Dubrden Peaks, built by Xamyryn.

81 YA
• Tarik searches the archive again, this time finding something of interest.

82 YA
• After the completion of her studies, Vardissa decides to work at the university.

85 YA
• Death of king Olafur Fellhorn and his son, Halldor Fellhorn (Fellborg).
• Balthasar becomes king of Akurheim.
• Tarik Fellhorn is granted the title of Marshal by King Balthasar.
• Vardissa believes something is happening in a small forest within Galdveldt.

86 YA
• Metalsmiths Argo and Elina are offered work by a government official.
• Tarmo returns, and both Argo and Elina have questions for him.
• Argo and Elina arrive at the Nameless Forest, and learn they'll be crafting berserker armours.
• Micas observes a training session of the light-bearers.

88 YA
• The inhabitants of Stjerneholm prepare to take on an enormous demon with the help of several light-bringers.
• Gethin reports to Tarik on the mission in the Highlands.
• Death of Hadrian (Rydhem).
• Birth of Grey.

89 YA
• Elina's brother, Dorian, shows up in their cottage, and hints at the possibility of escape.
• With the help of Dorian, Argo and Elina attempt escape.
• Death of Elina (Kongsdal).
• Death of Dorian (Kongsdal).
• Eric travels to Wolddalr.
• Birth of Kara.

90 YA
• Death of Gjorvald Fellhorn (Kongsdal).
• Tarik Fellhorn becomes duke of Galdveldt.
• Vardissa considers working for Tarik, hoping to be able to interfere in his plans.
• Vardissa is interviewed at the ducal mansion by lord Tarik.
• Having been accepted for the job, Vardissa relocates to the ducal mansion.
• Suhekazu prepares to leave the planet and merge with his ship again.

91 YA
• Eric returns to Wolddalr for the winter.
• Eric finds an orphaned boy in the ruins of a village.
• Eric and Grey arrive in Sandveyk.
• Elfrun and Vardissa discuss an attack on a small village.

93 YA
• Chyriax visits Gunnar and his crew, who are setting up a camp in Gaedswolde.

95 YA
• Gunnar's camp is completed, Loughlin considers joining another settlement in Gaedswolde.
• Tarik returns to the abbey to find more information, but ends up causing Micas' death.
• Death of Micas (Fellborg).
• Tarik shows Unnhild some of the things he stole from the abbey.

96 YA
• Kara escapes from slave traders and flees into Gaedswolde, where she runs into Gunnar.

97 YA
• Gunnar and Oakan visit Sandveyk to ask Eric to craft them some special weapons.

99 YA
• Gunnar and Oakan are told by Sandveyk's constable, Benegar, it's best they no longer visit.

101 YA
• Unnhild's scouts are searching Gaedswolde for a certain kind of lone structure.
• Unnhild is told to prepare to start work on a project in the east.

103 YA
• Tarik orders several of his personnel, including Vardissa, to accompany him to a secret base in Gaedswolde.

105 YA
• Experiments in the old guard tower result in the appearance of demons.

108 YA
• A Ca'anian visitor wants Eric to craft a berserker armour.
• Vardissa encourages Ivarr to create random devices to give her the time to figure out what is happening at the old tower.
• From a secret location, Unnhild tries to contact Tarik, but he's nowhere to be found.

109 YA
• The situation at the guard tower continues for years. Vardissa starts looking to change things.
• Grey assists his father with the creation of a set of armour.
• Vardissa convinces Tarik to search for the missing notebooks, but he lets Gethin do it.

110 YA
• Gethin visit Sandveyk to look for notebooks.
• Death of Eric (Sandveyk).
• Death of Malik (Sandveyk).
• Death of Benegar (Sandveyk).
• Grey tracks down the attackers into Gaedswolde, then finds some old friends.
• Death of Gethin (Gaedswolde).
• Oakan shows Grey around the Aegis encampment.
• With the help of the Ca'anian, Grey returns to Sandveyk to get his father's belongings.
• Vardissa and Tarik learn of the attack on Sandveyk, and of what happened to Gethin.
• The Ca'anian of Aegis want Grey to join them on a mission to better understand Gaedswolde's threat.
• Grey joins the Ca'anian on a mission and learns demons are real.
• Oakan came up with some tests Grey must pass before he can join the Core squad.
• Grey and the Ca'anian from Aegis return from a fight with the demons in the forest.
• Grey begins training with the berserker armour.
• A mission in misty weather causes Grey and Kara to be separated from the rest of the squad.
• Grey and Gunnar travel to Wolddalr to sort a caravan for Aegis.
• Grey meets Chyriax.
• The warriors of Aegis face a dangerous demon.
• During night guard duty, Kara is attacked by brigands posing as caravan guards.
• Tarik learns about the failed abduction attempt.
• Aegis' warriors return from another mission against the demons.
• Aegis must defend itself against an attack coming from troops at Tarik's tower.
• Grey travelled to the guard tower to free Borge, but arrives during an experiment.
• Hiovenalis is killed by Borge.
• Tarik is killed by a draurgur.
• Aegis repairs their camp, and tries to make sense of the events at the tower.
• Vardissa returns to the mansion, but Unnhild is there as well.
• Life returns to normal for most in Aegis.

111 YA
• In Caelkirch, two bits of worrying news force the defenders of the city to start making plans.
• The Draurgur poisoning affects Grey more and more.
• Dragomir travels to Harvilg to find help against the Eldvithr devourer.
• Chyriax visits the Aegis encampment after receiving Myrri's message.
• Chyriax returns to Aegis with a special gift for Grey.
• Aegis fights two groups of Mithri in a matter of days.
• Grey and Kara visit a beautiful spot in the forest.
• Gunnar and Louglin vow to work together if the devourer needs to be dealt with.
• Vardissa ends up in Caelkirch, but her stay is brief.
• Gunnar leads a group of warriors towards Loughlin's outpost.
• The fight against the Gaedswolde devourer begins.
• A first attack on the Eldvithr devourer ends in disaster.
• The fight against the Gaedswolde devourer ends.
• Xamyryn has revealed himself to Chyriax, and explains things about Xyloxi she didn't know.
• After a brief rest, the Ca'anian return to Aegis.
• Dragomir and Svete start looking for a way to contact Loughlin.
• The time has come for Chyriax to start the journey back home.
• Chyriax managed to find Suhekazu.
• News of the defeated Gaedswolde devourer reaches Caelkirch.
• Vardissa travels to Ferhabn, hoping to learn more about Chyriax.
• Messengers visit both the Haven and Aegis.
• A large troop of royal army soldiers marches towards Aegis.
• Grey travels to Caelkirch alongside Dragomir.
• After the defeat of the Eldvithr devourer, Grey returns home.
• Chyriax provides Suhekazu with all the knowledge the Xyloxi have on the Mithri.
• Vardissa sets out from Ferhabn to find Chyriax.

185 YA
• Death of Gunnar (Gaedswolde).

191 YA
• Grey and Kara make a brief stop in Sandveyk before returning home.

192 YA
• The inhabitants of Alt Traer spot draurgur in the woods nearby.

193 YA
• Vardissa decides it's time for action and leaves to find allies.
• Multiple draurgur arrive at Wold's Haven.

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