Species : Ca'anian. Occupation : medic.

Myrri worked as healer apprentice under an Akurheim pastor who had settled in the Highlands, where he played the role of mystic and healer. Under the pastor's guidance, Myrri was able to train her already strong telepathic sense. In Aegis, Chyriax helps Myrri further, and gives her a small pendant to boost her skill.
Myrri and Oakan are soulmates.
Location of birth : Stjerneholm.

Appearances :

Era I, chapter 91 : Myrri warns fellow villagers of an impeding attack by the Akurheim soldiers.
Era I, chapter 104 : Myrri is contacted by Chyriax, who wishes to meet the group of Ca'anian.
Era I, chapter 108 : Myrri uses her skill to learn a bit more about the young girl they found in the forest.
Era I, chapter 122 : Myrri realises Grey has a strong telepathic sense, but has never been trained to use it.
Era I, chapter 123 : Myrri asks Grey how he's doing.
Era I, chapter 126 : Myrri tells Grey about the telepathic skill, and offers to help develop his.
Era I, chapter 127 : Myrri's skill gives the warriors of Aegis an advantage over the demons.
Era I, chapter 128 : Myrri reveals Mirkva was a medicinal drink before Ansgar got hold of it.
Era I, chapter 131 : Myrri uses her skill to help guide Grey safely past the massed demons.
Era I, chapter 133 : Myrri and Chyriax talk about the outposts in Gaedswolde.
Era I, chapter 134 : During battle, Myrri detects a draurgur and warns Aegis' warriors.
Era I, chapter 135 : Myrri heals Kara's injuries after her battle with the intruders.
Era I, chapter 138 : Myrri prepares the defenders against incoming charges thanks to her mental skill.
Era I, chapter 139 : Myrri uses her skill to help Grey push back the fear and panic.
Era I, chapter 140 : Myrri treats Grey's wounds, but must admit she knows little about the mithri's poison.
Era I, chapter 144 : Myrri keeps looking for a cure for the draurgur poisoning.
Era I, chapter 146 : Myrri explains to Chyriax the steps already taken in trying to heal Grey.
Era I, chapter 147 : Myrri wonders why a gem intended to heal is made to fit in a berserker armour.
Era I, chapter 148 : Sensing a battle is near the end, Myrri allows Grey to fight a few remaining demons.
Era I, chapter 149 : Oakan's antics cause Myrri embarrassment.
Era I, chapter 152 : Myrri is part of the final meeting before they leave on their mission.
Era I, chapter 153 : Myrri reads the demon's state of mind to help guide their attacks against it.
Era I, chapter 155 : Myrri uses her skill to figure out how Grey fares against the devourer.
Era I, chapter 163 : Myrri is part of Gunnar's meeting where they discuss a new threat for Aegis.

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