Species : Human. Occupation : guard captain.
Date of birth : 42 BA, Caelkirch. Date of death : 5 YA, Caelkirch.

Lyubomir has been part of the town guard in the capital city of Caelkirch since a young age. As the Mithri hordes began appearing in Eldvithr, he was given command over a small group of warriors to deal with the problem. Over time, more and more fighters were needed to the point the entire town guard's primary purpose was holding back the hordes. At that point, Lyubomir took over command over the entire guard from his father.

Appearances :

Era I, chapter 44 : Lyubomir tests Chyriax' gem-powered armour prototype and is allowed to keep it to fight the Mithri.
Era I, chapter 46 : Lyubomir assists Chyriax in dealing with a large demon in the woods north of Caelkirch.
Era I, chapter 54 : Lyubomir, wearing the gem-powered armour, is killed by Karven, who then steals the armour.
Era I, chapter 165 : A statue of Lyubomir stands in the centre of Caelkirch city.

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