Ferhabn and Fergrad

These villages lie on either side of a forest halfway between the Brek and Fehr rivers, some 150 miles south-west from Fellborg.
Both villages are seperate entities, not part of a larger nation. In the very distant past of the surrounding region, there used to be various kingdoms that formed and fell apart over the centuries, but none of those remain.

Appearances :

Era I, chapter 26 : In Ferhabn, from within her room in her parent's farm, Adelinde sees a falling star land in the forest.
Era I, chapter 27 : In the forest near Ferhabn, Adelinde and Chyriax talk about fairytales, wizards and dragons.
Era I, chapter 28 : In the forest, Chyriax learns about the Mithri from Bernard and Cathan.
Era I, chapter 29 : Chyriax travels to Fergrad where she destroys a Mithri.
Era I, chapter 31 : Xeryan and Oxyllia land in the forest near Ferhabn, from where they set out to Dubrholm.
Era I, chapter 33 : In the forest, Chyriax, Xeryan and Oxyllia decide the two smaller Xyloxi should return to space.
Era I, chapter 40 : Chyriax meets with several townfolk from Ferhabn to discuss ways of dealing with the Mithri threat.
Era I, chapter 42 : Chyriax provides villagers with several gems so they may create more weapons.
Era I, chapter 49 : Chyriax and Cathan wonder what will happen now they've learned they can't really stay in Akurheim.
Era I, chapter 50 : In the forest, villagers from Ferhabn and Fergrad say goodbye to the Ca'anian who will leave Akurheim.
Era I, chapter 56 : Chyriax carries Shaurya to the forest, where they meet up with Adelinde.
Era I, chapter 66 : Chyriax and Shaurya return to the forest, but learn sad news regarding Adelinde.
Era I, chapter 162 : In Ferhabn, Vardissa continues studying the texts she took from Tarik.
Era I, chapter 168 : A number of people are drawn to the little village of Fernhabn.

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