Species : Human. Occupation : server, spy.

Elfrun's parents worked in the kitchen at the Galdveldt mansion while Gjorvald was duke. When Tarik started using the mansion as his primary workplace in his role as marshal, Elfrun was added to the personnel by an unknown party. She reports to the Galdveldt university, where her writings end up with Vardissa, who at that time only knows Elfrun as Operative E/T.

Appearances :

Era I, chapter 92 : Elfrun watches as Gethin reports on the mission in the Highlands.
Era I, chapter 98 : While Vardissa unpacks, Elfrun introduces herself as her spy.
Era I, chapter 103 : Elfrun picked up news from Iwen telling her Gethin might be behind the recent attack on a village.
Era I, chapter 107 : Elfrun is curious about where Tarik has been, and especially about the amulet he was supposedly gifted.
Era I, chapter 118 : Elfrun provides Vardissa with updates from the mansion while Vardissa is at the tower.
Era I, chapter 141 : Elfrun knocks Unnhild out with a kettle.

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