Species : Human. Occupation : Store keeper.
Date of birth : 57 BA.

In Vithrborg, Eirin operates one of the mysterious stores Gudmund keeps discovering on his travels. Her store is called Eccentricities.

Appearances :

Era I, chapter 6 : After learning that Gudmund has found 3 gems thus far, Eirin warns him not to pick up any more of them, but declines to tell why.
Era I, chapter 8 : Knowing some of what is happening to Gudmund, Eirin has him meet Xamyryn.
Era I, chapter 10 : During Gudmund's visit, another eye-gem is brought into the store. Eirin asks Gudmund to explore what the eye has seen.
Era I, chapter 12 : Eirin speaks of the things she had witnessed through the eye-gems, some were alive.
Era I, chapter 14 : Through an eye-gem Eirin sees the landing of multiple dark shapes.
Era I, chapter 22 : Talking with Gudmund about the events in Dubrholm, Eirin worries about what damage the purple things might do.
Era I, chapter 62 : On the market in Vithrborg, Eirin wonders what happened to Xamyryn, who she had last seen some 40 years prior.
Era I, chapter 75 : Not ageing since being changed by Xamyryn's eye-gems, Eirin wears disguises when she has to leave the house.
Era I, chapter 78 : Not being able to leave the house, Eirin feels chained, restricted.
Era I, chapter 82 : Eirin and Gudmund depart from Vithrborg, first to gather their friends, then to travel to a place Xamyryn prepared.
Era I, chapter 168 : Eirin uses an eye-gem to remain in contact with Xamyryn.
Era I, chapter 171 : Eirin and Gudmund give Vardissa a lift to the nearest town.
Era I, chapter 183 : Eirin gives Vardissa one of Xamyryn's eye-gems.

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