Species : Ca'anian. Occupation : council leader.
Date of birth : 62 BA, Ferhabn. Date of death : 76 YA, Gaedswolde.

Cathan lives in the forest between Ferhabn and Fergrad, part of a community of Ca'anian. He is leader of the council that governs the community. Cathan has a daughter, Shaurya.

Appearances :

Era I, chapter 24 : Several Ca'anian, Cathan included, see something peculiar land in their forest.
Era I, chapter 25 : Cathan and one of his scouts observe the meeting between Shaurya and Chyriax.
Era I, chapter 28 : After having observed Chyriax for some time, Cathan feels it's time to talk to her, unaware she already knew of his presence.
Era I, chapter 49 : Cathan learns Akurheim won't be a place where Ca'anian will have much rights. Chyriax is affected, too.
Era I, chapter 50 : As the annexation progresses, Cathan and the council decide they must leave Akurheim as soon as possible.
Era I, chapter 80 : Cathan feels his life's end is nearing so he calls friends over one at a time for a final chat.

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