Species : Human. Occupation : constable, town council.
Location of birth : Woldborg. Date of death : 110 YA, Sandveyk.

Benegar is Sandveyk's constable, member of the town council, but also sees himself as guard captain. After having served as guard in Woldborg for many years, Benegar retired and moved to the southern regions of Wold Dorr. He ended up in Sandveyk, but found the little village had nothing in the way of guard. Reluctantly, Darci and Malik allowed him to train some of the local young people so they could serve the town as guards. After chasing out bandits and burglars, Benegar was made member of the town council.

Appearances :

Era I, chapter 110 : Benegar delivers news to Gunnar and Oakan, saying it's safer for everyone if Sandveyk no longer receives Ca'anian visitors.
Era I, chapter 121 : Benegar suspects the visitors are a threat to the people of Sandveyk. He dies trying to protect them.

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